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School Hours

School Hours

Reporting Time

  • 7.15 am: Pupils are to report to school and assemble in the school hall / parade square
  • 7.30 am: National Anthem and Pledge-Taking Ceremony

Arrival at School

  • Drop off your child/ward at the Terrace (if driving), or Main/Side Gate (if walking).
  • Do not go to the canteen, terrace or along the corridors.
  • For recess, pupils should buy their own food at the canteen. Do not come into the school to deliver food to your children.

Dismissal Time

  • 1.45 pm: Mondays and Fridays
  • 1.15 pm: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

School (including office) is closed Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Dismissal From School

  • Primary 1 and 2

Pupils will be brought to the Main/Side Gate by their teachers. Pupils who are taking the school bus, teachers/school bus attendants will lead them to the Bus Bay at the Indoor Sports Hall.

  • Primary 3, 4, 5, 6

Teachers will lead the pupils down to the ground floor of the classroom block. Pupils will be dismissed from there. Pupils taking the school bus will be instructed to go to the Bus Bay.

  • Parents/Guardian are to wait for your child/ward at the entrance of the Main/Side Gate.
  • Parents who are driving in are to pick up their children only at the terrace 30 minutes after the school dismissal. This is to facilitate the smooth movement of the school buses as well as to ensure the safety of our pupils. Do not wait at the canteen, terrace or along the corridors.
  • Pupils should buy their food on their own at the canteen during lunch. If there is packed lunch prepared for your child/ward, he/she can collect it from the Main/Side Gate as you wait there.

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