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Celebrating our Teachers

Celebrating our Teachers

Thursday, 5 Sep was a special day for all GESPians and our teachers. We started the morning with a good ACES workout with our teachers choreographing and leading these dance movements. Our teachers in school were then treated to a special and wonderful concert put together by our young GESPian leaders. All of our teachers also received many tokens of appreciation from GESPians. The GESPian leaders also served refreshements to our teachers during the concert. At the concert, the Caring Teachers Awards (nominated by pupils) for the 6 levels were also presented to the teacher awardees. Thank you GESPians for making Teachers’ Day a memorable event for all of our teachers.

Celebrating our Teachers_01 Celebrating our Teachers_02 Celebrating our Teachers_03 Celebrating our Teachers_04 Celebrating our Teachers_05 Celebrating our Teachers_06

The greatest gift for all teachers is seeing all of our young pupils all grown up, and living rewarding lives. Our appreciation to all the wonderful ex-GESPians who took time and made the efforts to return to their primary school to visit and to thank their teachers and Principal.

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