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Information, Communications Technology

The ICT department provides the necessary ICT support to GESPS so that both teachers and pupils can leverage on the affordances of technology to create and enjoy ICT-enriched lessons.  To ensure that ICT positively impacts teaching and learning, the department is guided by the vision of mp3, that is, “Harnessing ICT, Transforming Learners”.  The school recognises three leverage points to achieve this outcome goal of helping students develop competencies for self-directed and collaborative learning through the effective use of ICT as well as become responsible ICT users.

  1. Teacher Capacity– Teachers are trained and supported to plan and deliver ICT-enriched learning experiences for pupils. At GESPS, professional development is structured into the school calendar twice a year where all teachers are introduced to new ICT tools and pedagogies.  With this support, teachers are able to build their capacity to develop ICT-enriched lessons in the classroom.
  2. Opportunities for Pupils– Pupils are given ample opportunities to use ICT to enhance their learning experiences. For example, in the lower primary classrooms, pupils make use of Apple iTouch devices to learn and apply new mathematical skills.  In the near future, the school will receive new Apple iPads to create more opportunities for all pupils to experience ICT.
  3. Reliable ICT Infrastructure – A strong and reliable school infrastructure is created and sustained to support learning anytime, anywhere.  The school has built the i-Media studio which includes a professional recording setup.  All pupils are able to use the school’s i-Media Studio to do video and voice recordings for language development.  Teachers also leverage on these recordings to assess their development in oral communication.
  4. The school has a cyber-wellness program to ensure that pupils are making use of ICT the correct way. Pupils are taught/reminded of the cyber-wellness messages at the beginning of all ICT programmes. The school also makes use of a cyber-wellness day to go through cyber-wellness messages to all pupils during assembly talk. Pupils will be involved in activities to further reinforce their understanding about cyber-wellness.

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