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Earth Week @ GESPS 2015

Earth Week @ GESPS 2015


GESPS commemorated our Earth Week, a platform created to help our pupils be more civic minded; recognise the qualities of a responsible GESPian and to respond to the needs of the community and nation, from 20 April to 24 April. With the theme “A Responsible GESPian is a CHAMPion!” the Green Movement Committee led all staff and pupils through various experiences and activities to develop greater awareness on caring and protecting the environment and a sense of ownership by contributing to the environment.

The week’s activities included assembly talks to educate pupils on the effects of climate change on the Earth and how they can contribute towards keeping Singapore clean, staff and pupils writing a pledge to care for the school and their home environment, pupils penning their thoughts on how they can care and protect the environment through Free Expression during their English lesson. There were also hands-on activities such as Trash Hunt and Go Green Challenge where pupils learned more about the environment via online quizzes using iPads. Some of our parent volunteers from our Parents Support Group also lent their support in some of these activities. All pupils also participated in an art competition where they used recycled materials to create art pieces and design posters based on the themes “Let’s Reuse” and “Be More Green and Less Wasteful”.


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