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Engagement with Our Stakeholders

Engagement with Our Stakeholders

P1 & P2 Meet-the-Parents – Our GESPians’ parents joined our teachers in their classrooms on 9 Feb and 16 Feb respectively to learn more about their children’s learning experience in the lower primary. They heard from their children’s Form Teachers about PAL, Holistic Assessment (HA), CCE, and STELLAR.  In addition, they witnessed first-hand lesson demonstrations on English and Mathematics so that they had a clear understanding of what their children were experiencing in school.

P4 Meet-the-Parents / SBB Briefing – On 12 Apr, the school conducted a briefing for all P4 parents and guardians about School-Based Banding (SBB).  Here, the school explained how teachers were guiding their pupils in their academic development as well as how the school would systematically assess and evaluate each pupil so that he/she would be allocated a P5 subject combination that best suited the learning needs of pupils.

P6 Meet-the-Parents / PSLE Briefing – On 8 Mar, the school briefed all P6 parents on the upcoming PSLE.  More than just advising parents on how PSLE scores were calculated and the selection of Secondary schools, the school shared how parents could partner with teachers to support pupils in their preparation for this national examination.

Parent Teacher Dialogue Session (Semester 1) – On 25 May, our parents and their children’s Form Teachers met up for a time of sharing – a time to take stock of the learning that each GESPian had received thus far during this first half of the year. During this session, teachers provided feedback on each pupil’s progress as well as invited insights of each individual, so that, together, the school community would be able to develop all GESPians to their fullest in the next phase of learning in Semester 2.

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