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Haze Watch II: Message to All GESPians & Parents/Guardian

Haze Watch II: Message to All GESPians & Parents/Guardian

Dear GESPians, Parents & Guardians,

Welcome back to Term 3 of 2013. Hope everyone had a rested and rejuvenating June vacation.

  1.        School will re-open as per normal on Monday, 1 July. The Ministry of Education (MOE) and schools will monitor the haze situation and implement appropriate measures based on the health advisory to ensure the well-being of our pupils and staff. For example, we will cease outdoor activities as guided by daily health advisories. In addition, we will have an air-conditioned room with an air purifier for staff and GESPianswho have heart or respiratory problems and/or who are not feeling well. There are processes in place to ensure that staff and GESPianswill get the necessary medical help. We will also be maximizing the use of enclosed indoor spaces such as high-ceilinged space (i.e. School Hall) and air-conditioned rooms. We like to assure everyone that health is of utmost priority. 
  2.       We seek your understanding that there is inherent uncertainty in predicting the haze situation, and hence there may be regular updates provided to you through direct contact or through the information shared on this site. Please kindly alert us if there is a change in your contact details. 
  3.        Do keep yourselves updated by watching TV news, listening to radio and/or reading the daily newspapers. You are also encouraged to visit the MOE and MOH websites regularly. You may wish to refer to the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) website –– for more information and updates on the haze situation.

For the latest news on the haze situation from the Ministry of Health, you may wish to log on to

For the latest PSI readings, you may log on to

For your convenience, the link to MOH’s website is available on our school’s site.

  1.       Let’s stay calm and work together for our GESPiansand our staff. Look after yourself, your family, friends, neighbours and each other. Keep healthy and drink plenty of water. Together we will be a resilient people and take care of one another.


Take good care,

Mrs Aw



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