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Haze Watch III: Principal’s Letter to All GESPians, Parents/Guardians

Haze Watch III: Principal’s Letter to All GESPians, Parents/Guardians

Dear GESPians, Parents and Guardians,


  1. School will re-open on 1 July 2013 after the June school holidays. As we welcome our students back to school for Term 3, our priority is to ensure that our GESPiansand staff are safe and healthy.  
  2. The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced its school continuity plan for the haze situation. The health and well-being of our students and staff are of top priority and all schools will take appropriate mitigation measures based on MOH’s health advisory for the day to ensure the well-being of our students and staff. 

Mitigating Measures for Primary and Secondary Schools

  1. We have set in place the necessary precautions and continuity plans to minimise disruptions to school activities, even as we ensure the well-being of our students and staff.
  2. For as long as the school remains open for students, the school will take the following mitigation measures, which are based on the health advisory for the day:
Mitigation measures taken while in schools ·    School activities will be guided by the daily health advisory. For example, should the health advisory correspond to the ‘unhealthy’ level or above, there will be no outdoor activities. 

·  To better enclose classrooms should the haze situation deteriorate, classroom windows and doors will be closed as far as possible while allowing adequate ventilation. We will also maximise the use of existing air-conditioned spaces for teaching and learning.

·      We will scale down lessons if necessary.

·  We have an air-conditioned room with an air purifier to temporarily accommodate students or staff who develop respiratory symptoms and / or are not feeling well, before they are taken to seek medical attention if necessary.

Response to transient rise in health advisory forecast to ‘hazardous’ level while students are in school ·      All classroom windows and doors will be closed.

·      We will scale down lessons.

·     Students will be moved from classrooms to other enclosed indoor spaces, such as the library and school hall. The distribution of students across all enclosed indoor spaces will allow better thermal comfort and ventilation.

·      Students and staff who are unwell or have a medical history of chronic heart and lung disease will be taken to the air-conditioned room with an air purifier before they are taken to seek medical attention.

Closure of School for Students

  1. Though our school is a primary school, we would like to provide a more comprehensive update on MOE’s Continuity Plans in Haze Situation for all schools and post-secondary education institutions.   This is so that you may also have updated information on how students in all our institutions are supported by their schools.
  2.   For primary school and secondary school students:
  3. MOE will consider closing all primary and secondary schools to students when the health advisory for the next day indicates that the air quality will be at hazardous levels.  
  4. Should closure be prolonged, schools will activate home-based learning (PBL) for their students. Our school’s HBL is ready to be shared immediately should closure be prolonged. For our GESPianswithout internet access, our school will make special alternative arrangements.
  5. If your primary school child is in the school-based student care centre, please note that the centre (A* Kids Club) will NOT operate during periods of closure.  
  6. On days when there are oral examinations for GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ levels, candidates from secondary schools affected by school closure will have their oral examinations rescheduled.
  7. Should the health advisory for the next day correspond to the “hazardous” level, MOE will announce the closure of schools at around the same time that the health advisory is released. This will be around 6.00 pm the day before the schools are to be closed. The school will contact parents to inform them of school closure for students via phone or SMS.    
  8. We would like to seek parents’ understanding that relatively short notice for any announcement of school closure can be given, as the health advisory for the next day is only available in the late afternoon each day. We also wish to encourage parents to make advance care arrangements for their children if necessary for such a possibility.   


Post-Secondary Education Institutions and Junior Colleges

  1. If you have a child in the Autonomous Universities, Polytechnics, ITE, Junior Colleges/Centralised Institute, do note that the considerations for school closure for those students are different. This is because most of the teaching and learning takes place in enclosed indoor spaces, and the students are older. MOE will work closely with these institutions to ensure the well-being of their students and be guided by the health advisory.



  1. The well-being of your child and our staff are our primary concern. We would like to assure all parents that the school is working closely with MOE.  We will monitor the well-being of our students and staff closely and adopt the necessary mitigation measures based on the MOH Health Advisory.  We also seek your help to explain the Continuity Plan of the school to your child, using these materials.  
  2. Thank you for your support and understanding. Parents have always shown great support for our school and staff, and we know we can count on that same spirit of partnership.  Our students learn from their experiences, and we hope that with your help, how our school and nation are dealing with the haze situation, will also be a learning point in resilience and readiness for our students.   
  3. Do take care of yourselves as well, and I look forward to working closely with you for the well-being and meaningful learning of our students.


Mrs Aw Ai Ling


Gan Eng Seng Primary School




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