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School Visits to GESPS

School Visits to GESPS

Taiwan School Visit – On 25 Apr, the SAC Chairman, school leaders, teachers and esteemed school choir of Yu-Tsai Biliginal Elementary School paid GESPS a visit.  Not only did our school choir perform for our guests, the choir members of Yu-Tsai Biliginal Elementary reciprocated with 3 wonderful choice song pieces – much to the the delight of all GESpians present.  At the end of their visit, both schools united their voices in a shared Chinese song. It was an incredible experience for both schools.

United Kingdom Journalist – Mr James Bartholomew, a highly-esteemed UK author and journalist with The Daily Telegraph visited GESPS.  Mr Bartholomew and the staff of GESPS had a lively conversation about the what made GESPS so effective in supporting pupils and their learning.  He also visited different learning areas of the school and got to interact with pupils.

New Zealand Educators — The Principal, Mr John Armstrong, and teachers Mrs Sue Strawbridge and Mrs Peg Eder, of Henley School, Nelson, New Zealand visited GESPS from 5 Mar to 9 Mar to experience first-hand how our GESPians engaged in learning.  Besides getting to interact with pupils and teachers, they participated in classroom lessons and even conducted some lessons themselves! Their sharing of how pupils in New Zealand learned in school was both enlightening and meaningful.  GESPS looks forward to collaborating with Henley School in the near future.

Hong Kong Disneyland Representatives – On 23 Feb, representatives from Disneyland Hong Kong, Ms Christine and Mr Keith, visited GESPS to watch the performance of our school choir and band.  They were much impressed with our GESpians’ sterling performances and even invited our PSE awardees to join them at Disneyland Hong Kong at the end of year.

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