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Safety for All

The school ensures that its grounds remain as safe, orderly and conducive as possible for learning.  Our General Office staff will promptly treat all minor injuries such as cuts and bruises sustained by our pupils.  Parents/Guardians can assist by reminding and encouraging their children/ward to play with safety in mind and pay attention to safety rules around the school.  Our school regularly reminds pupils to adhere to the following.

  • Always think of your personal safety and the safety of others.
  • Walk. Do not run along the corridors and/or in common open spaces (e.g., canteen, school hall, terrace, staircase landings, parade square).
  • Do not jump or play along the steps of the staircases as you may fall and hurt yourself.
  • Do not play when the ground is wet.
  • Do not step onto the carpark area or bus bay which are only meant for vehicles.  At the terrace area, stay behind the yellow barriers at the drop-off point.
  • Pupils must remain in school until the official dismissal time for the day.  Do not leave school before dismissal time.
  • Eat and drink in the canteen only.  Be careful when carrying hot food items. Running and playing in the canteen may result in injuries as hot food items may spill on you and hurt you and/or your friends.
  • Be careful when handling scissors or penknives during Art & Craft lessons.  Always use a pair of scissors with rounded ends.
  • Remind each other of safety practices and habits.