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School Conduct

Gan Eng Seng Primary School is committed to provide a safe and caring learning environment for each student. We are focused on teaching students to exhibit caring and responsible behaviour which supports our school’s core beliefs.

must adhere to the following:

1) Looking after self – To be smart in appearance

       i) School uniform

  • Boys must tuck in their shirts at all times.
  • Girls must wear their pinafore with the belt.
  • The name tag must be placed about 1 cm above the name of the school.

       ii) P.E. attire

  • Students are allowed to wear only the official school P.E. attire during their P.E. and CCA days.
  • After P.E. lessons, all P3 to P6 boys must change from their P.E. shorts into uniform shorts, and girls must put on their pinafore.

        iii) Footwear

  • Only white socks are allowed and they must be worn visibly above the ankle.
  • Shoes must be plain white and in good condition. Stripes, lines, logos, coloured edges etc. are not allowed. Slippers/sandals are NOT allowed to be worn in school. Students are advised to have two pairs of shoes to allow for washing and drying and for use on rainy days.
  • GESPians who are engaged in sports activities/competitions are allowed to wear sports shoes for the day with prior permission from the teachers-in-charge.

       iv) Jewellery

  • No jewellery is allowed except for plain black/navy blue ear studs for girls.

       v) Grooming

  • Make-up is not allowed.
  • Fingernails must be kept short, clean and neat. No nail polish is allowed.

       vi) Hairstyle

  • Hair must be kept neat and clean. No dyeing/tinting of hair is allowed.
  • For girls, hair must be kept away from the face. Long hair must be tied up neatly with navy blue or black hair bands.
  • For boys, hair on the side and back of the head should be sloped.

2) Personal Possessions Code

  • Students should take care of their belongings. They should bring only sufficient pocket money.
  • Students are strongly discouraged from bringing mobile phones/ smartwatches/ electronic devices to school. The school is not responsible for any damage or loss of mobile phones/ smartwatches/electronic devices and peripherals.
  • Students must switch off their mobile phones/ smartwatches during curriculum hours so that they can focus on their studies.
  • Students are encouraged to use the public telephone near the canteen. In case of emergency, mobile phones must be used near the public phone area.
  • Students caught breaking these rules will have their mobile phones confiscated by the school. A parent must come to school to claim the item.

3) Attendance

  • All students must attend school regularly. A medical certificate/letter must be submitted to the Form Teacher for absence from school.

4) Punctuality

  • All students must be punctual for school. Latecomers must have valid reasons.

5) Homework Responsibility:
     Begin my day by bringing my books according to the timetable

     Ensure I write my name, index number and dates for all my work

     Refer to my handbook before doing my homework

     Erase when I write incorrectly

     Stationery to be ready at all times

     Put a tick for work that has been completed

     Only use green pen for corrections

     Neat handwriting at all times

     Sort and file my worksheets

     Immediately write down my homework into my handbook

     Better to check with your buddy the homework you missed

     Lines must be drawn with a ruler

     End my day by putting my completed homework into my bag!