Art Club

Teacher 1 I/C: Mrs Chin-Lee Siew Gin
Teacher 2 I/C: Mdm Clare Chee

The Art Club is a Co-Curricular Activity that unleashes our students’ creativity. Our students are exposed to different art forms and media and learn artistic skills in areas such as:

  1. Painting / blending of colours using oil pastels
  2. Paper mache
  3. Paper quilling
  4. Batik painting
  5. Abstract drawing

Our students develop self-confidence when they participate in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. They learn to work together collaboratively and give back to the community when they use their talents and skills to create community wall murals like the piece painted at Bukit Merah Central hawker centre to commemorate SG50.

Art Club VIA 2019 at NLB@Vivo.jpeg
Art Club VIA 2019 at NLB@Vivo
Face portrait pencil-drawing.jpg
Face portrait pencil-drawing
Goldfish painting using oil pastels.jpg
Goldfish painting using oil pastels
Sculpture made of recycled materials.jpg
ISculpture made of recycled materials