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Physical Education


In Gan Eng Seng Primary School, we aim to provide a holistic education for our GESPians and help them develop their physical and creative abilities.

PE Curriculum
Physical Education (PE) develops physical abilities and supports knowledge learned in other disciplines, including Science, Mathematics and Social Studies and increases self-discipline, judgment and goal-setting skills. The physical education curriculum, including Programme for Active Learning, in our school helps pupils to strengthen relationships with their peers, develops discipline and perseverance, and improves self-confidence and self-esteem which is aligned to the Social Emotional Learning model.

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SwimSafer Program
The SwimSafer programme aims to teach swimming proficiency and water survival skills to our students in a fun manner. The programme includes survival and activity skills depending on the proficiency of the swimmer.

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Inter-class Game
The students also participated in inter-class games to pit themselves against each other using skills learnt over the years. 

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