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The Science department seeks to nurture GESPians with a passion for Science and equip them with the skills to learn more about the natural and physical world around them. Besides the classroom learning, we provide GESPians with experiences which build on their natural interest and curiosity about the environment around them through varied programmes. These programmes include the P1 and P2 Science Exploration Day, P3 and P4 Mathematics and Science Enrichment Camp, Integrated Learning Trail, Integrated Learning Week, Investigative Science projects and Science Busker activities. These experiences support pupils in the development of process skills such as observation, predicting and analysing which are necessary for scientific inquiry.

P5 Integrated Learning Trail @ Sports Hub
P6 Integrated Learning Trail @ Safra Bowling Centre
Science Busker activities presenting the Electromagnet Magicians
Science Busker activity presenting the diversity of life
Science Busker activity presenting the Magic Colours
P1 Science Exploration Day – Learning about Insects