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Values In Action (VIA)

Values-In Action (VIA) in Gan Eng Seng Primary School’s Values-In-Action (VIA)  consists of a  6 year spiral up design-thinking principles based learning experiences which allow students to understand bigger concepts as they grow older and learn to be citizens with heart through social innovation. 

In order to develop GESPians into Citizens with Heart, GESPS Primary 1 to Primary 6 VIA learning experiences are designed based on the school  INSPIRE Values (Integrity, Self-discipline, Perseverance, Inclusiveness, Respect and Empathy) , focusing on nurturing gratitude in our students.  We want GESPians to feel grateful and appreciative for the opportunities, gifts, and kindness that others bestow upon them. Embracing this heart of gratitude, GESPians will learn to care for others and contribute activity to the community.

Primary 1 Bringing Cheers to My Family Members

Our P1 GESPians reflect on what their family members have done for them and learn to be thankful to  their family members for all the love and care shown. In order to show their appreciation, our students carry out acts of cheers for their family members.

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Primary 2 GESPS Non-Teaching Staff Appreciation Day

Every P2 student writes notes of appreciation for our school non-teaching staff such as the office staff,  security officers, school cleaners etc for keeping the school clean and safe for them during this pandemic. Our students are truly appreciative of what our non-teaching staff has done, they also recorded short videos expressing their gratitude to them. 



Primary 3 Let's Stop Food Wastage

Our P3 GESPians learn about food wastage and brainstorm on ways to stop food wastage in their daily life. They share what they have learnt with their family members and encourage their family members to take part in the clean plate challenge as part of their efforts to reduce food wastage.




Primary 5

Like the Primary 1 students, Primary 5 students also volunteered their time at Redhill MRT station.Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) would train the students to be service ambassadors at Redhill MRT station. The students’ responsibilities include helping commuters with directions, lending a hand at the ticketing machines and ensuring that the elderly and those in need would be given priority to use the lifts.

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