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Crest & Song

School Crest

Motto: BELIEVE. We believe that every student can learn and we want to instil the self-belief and confidence in them so that they can make a difference.

The colour ‘golden yellow’ symbolises the confidence within each individual to work towards his or her goals.

The colour ‘red’ symbolises the enthusiasm and passion within each individual in working towards his or her goals.

The colour ‘blue’ symbolises the foundation of wisdom and knowledge upon which successes are built.

The hand symbolizes our pupils holding their future in their hands and the school providing a nurturing environment; protective and empowering.

School Song

(Composer: Mr Ng Tian Hui; Lyrics by: Mr Eddie Foo and Ms Cindy Lee)

Verse 1:

With hands to guide us, receive and nurture us, We will achieve so much more! With all the love and care shown to us, We will go forth with hearts filled with joy!


We believe in the future before us! We believe it is Hope before us! Never give up, we will try, With our hearts, with our minds! The future’s for us.

Verse 2:

Together we walk this journey of life, With courage and with faith! Knowing our destiny is in our hands, We will go on from strength to strength!