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Looking after the Environment

To keep the school clean and conducive for learning, GESPians must demonstrate the following behaviours:

  • Eat and drink only in the canteen.
  • Clear your plates, bowls and cutlery after eating by returning them to the receptacles provided in the canteen.
  • Observe proper toilet hygiene and keep the toilets clean and dry.
  • Take good care of school property.
  • Report any faulty or broken equipment/devices to your Form Teacher or General Office immediately.

Reuse, Reduce & Recycle (3Rs)

In line with the school’s ongoing green movement, the school regularly reminds pupils to do the following:

  • Keep the school litter-free.
  • Dispose of recyclable items into the recycling bins located in the school.
  • Bring old newspapers from home to recycle in school.
  • Recycle materials whenever possible (e.g., use Art materials to decorate the class).
  • Use both sides of writing paper.
  • Switch off all lights, fans and AV equipment (i.e., computer, LCD projector) when leaving the classroom.
  • Turn off all water taps after use.  Do not let water run freely when soaping.
  • Remind each other of good 3Rs practices.