Applied Learning Programme – From Farm to Table

Applied Learning Programmes (ALPs) are programmes designed by schools to help students apply their learning to the real world, providing them with the authentic learning situations and making meaning of their learning as they apply the knowledge and skills learnt.


Our ALP, “From Farm to Table”, aims to enhance our GESPians’ learning by creating the awareness of how innovations can improve the quality of life in Singapore through food sustainability which is of great importance in view of the scarcity of land in Singapore.


Through the specially crafted lesson packages which are interdisciplinary in nature, investigative activities and learning journeys, the school aims to develop the students’ 21st Century Competencies through Problem-Based Learning on Food Sustainability in Singapore.  The use of real-world scenarios and problems encourage students to transfer knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to understand related topics more deeply.


The theme for each level will revolve around a problem-based scenario, namely the following:

·         P1 - Gardens by the Hill

·         P2 - Food Hygiene

·         P3 - Land Scarcity in Singapore and Food Sustainability

·         P4 - Food Safety and Preservation

·         P5 - Food Packaging and Presentation

·         P6 - Wastage of food and Limited Land-fills

pic7.jpgHydroponics .jpeg

                                    Vertical Farming Wall                                                                                            Hydroponics