Tier One Programmes

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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)
Visual & Performing Arts

Exposure – Experience – Excellence
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LLP is an MOE initiated programme that instils life skills and social-emotional competencies.


In our school, Aesthetics (Visual Arts and Performing Arts) is the platform to provide all students with more varied and authentic learning opportunities to achieve the desired student outcomes. This distinctive programme is guided by the 3E Approach – Exposure, Experience and Excellence.

The LLP outcomes 
  1. Students appreciate the unity and diversity of Art forms in a multicultural society. 
  2. Students develop social and emotional competencies through their engagement in Arts. 
The school programmes are classified under Tier One or Two depending on the level of engagement. Each child will embark on different activities throughout their 6 years at GESPS with our aim to help each student achieve those outcomes.

Tier One Programmes

  1. Assembly Programmes (P1 to P6) 
  2. Introduction to Dance (P1 & P2) 
  3. Introduction to Global Drums (P3 & P4) 
  4. Creating Music through ICT (P5 & P6) 
  5. Cross-cultural Experiences in Art Making (P1 to P6)

Tier Two Programmes

  1. Aesthetics Appreciation Week (Per Semester) 
  2. Exhibitions and Performances at School Level and Beyond School Level