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Infocomm and Media Club

Teacher 1 I/C: Mr Lim Yew Chun
Teacher 2 I/C: Ms Leong Wai Ping

Infocomm and Media Club (IMC) aims to develop 21st century competencies and digital literacies in the students. Through authentic learning scenarios, students are tasked to come up with solutions to real-world issues, thus stretching their critical and computational thinking. 

Here are the key programmes unique to IMC:

  • Cyberwellness Advocacy
  • Basic Photography & Photo-editing
  • Basic Videography & Video-editing
  • Aerial Photography (with drones) - Seniors only
  • Coding (with Scratch 2.0)
  • Coding (with drones, leading to aerial photography)
  • Animation (using Scratch)

An important part of learning is the transference of skills to others. IMC members are given the opportunities to share their skills with members of other CCAs like the uniform groups (ie. Scouts, Brownies). They shared what they have learned about cyberwellness with the uniform groups and enlisted their help to become cyberwellness advocates. This initiative is well-received by the uniform groups and IMC will continue to look for opportunities to share their skills (like photography, videography, coding) with other CCAs. 

Drones Competition 1.jpgDrones Competition 3.jpg
Drones Competition 2019

Coding with drones 3.jpg
Coding with drones