Values-In-Action (VIA) at Gan Eng Seng Primary School aims to nurture students to become socially responsible citizens and to help them understand that every citizen has a role in enhancing the well-being of the community and the country.

The school’s VIA programmes are designed based on the school’s character traits of Respect, Responsible, Compassion and Confident. It starts with cultivating a child’s confidence and self-awareness at the lower primary to contributing to the community at the upper primary. Forming strategic partnerships with external organisations, the school plans and organized signature VIA programmes for all levels.  

Primary 1

With ‘confident’ being one of the school’s character traits, the students would be explicitly taught how to present and express themselves confidently to members of the public. On the day of the activity, out little GESPians would walk up to passers-by and greet them with a big smile as well as present them with their handmade gifts.

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Primary 2

The students would apply what they have learnt during Music lessons and put up a performance to show their appreciation towards the non-teaching staff.


Primary 3

The school would partner NEA to inculcate positive cleanliness habits in our students. Students would be equip with relevant skills to carry our cleaning tasks.



Primary 4

The students would volunteer their time at St Andrew’s Nursing Home. A representative from the Home would be invited to share with students the common family issues affecting the elderly in Singapore. The students learnt that some of the elderly are staying in the Home due to reasons such as being abandoned by their family or family members being unable to care for them. At the Home, students worked with their friends to play games with the elderly so that they would maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.



Primary 5

Like the Primary 1 students, Primary 5 students also volunteered their time at Redhill MRT station.Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) would train the students to be service ambassadors at Redhill MRT station. The students’ responsibilities include helping commuters with directions, lending a hand at the ticketing machines and ensuring that the elderly and those in need would be given priority to use the lifts.

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Primary 6

Armed with tongs and rubbish bags, students would contribute to the community by picking up litter.