Learning for Life Programme (LLP) – Aesthetics

All students will be:

  • Enriched in their development for social and emotional competencies through the Arts
  • Taking ownership of their arts learning

Platforms created will be:

  • Arts Jams
  • School-level Performances
  • School-level Exhibitions

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Aesthetics Week (Semester 1)


Aesthetics Week (Semester 2)

Aesthetics Week (sem 2).jpgAesthetics Week (sem 2)_2.jpgAesthetics Week (sem 2)_3.jpg
Aesthetics Week (sem 2)_4.jpg
Aesthetics Week (sem 2)_5.jpg
Aesthetics Week (sem 2)_6.jpg

Aesthetics Week in Semester 1 – 2020

Our Gespians strives to do their best in Art and Music learning. They learn to be confident to present themselves as an individual and work well as a group.

They strive to succeed through the process and develop mastery in their skills.

Aesthetics Week in Semester 2 – 2020


Aesthetics Week April – 2021