The school provides students with opportunities to go for overseas learning journeys so as to strengthen their commitment and rootedness to Singapore. The learning journeys are planned to develop in students the 21st Century Competencies (21CC) of global awareness and cross-cultural skills and to broaden their learning beyond the classroom.

Primary 5 Chengdu Cultural Immersion Programme

Every year, selected students would participate in the Chengdu Cultural Immersion Programm

The 5-day trip gave students an opportunity to be immersed in the Chinese culture, arts and history. In addition, the students would also attend lessons in local schools and had chances to interact with students and teachers in the classroom. 

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Primary 6 Batam Camp

All primary 6 students would have the opportunity to participate in the Batam Camp. Through taking part in various cultural and traditional activities such as Batik painting, students would develop more awareness and sensitivities for other cultures, thereby helping them to appreciate the differences between Singapore and Indonesia.

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