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Parent Support Group (PSG)

The GESPS PSG Believes:

The Gan Eng Seng Primary School, Parent Support Group (GESP PSG) established in 2006 comprises parents from diverse backgrounds but all sharing a common goal to support and advocate the school’s mission, vision and beliefs.


To work collaboratively with the school community and provide support for student’s holistic learning, development and achievement.

GESPS PSG Objectives:

The aim of the Parent Support Group (PSG) at Gan Eng Seng Primary School is to support the school’s programmes and to foster a good relationship between parents and the school community.

GESPS PSG aims to:

  • Enhance and work together towards a better school-home partnership.
  • Enhance communication between school teachers and parents.
  • Promote greater parental involvement in the school’s programmes.
  • Walk alongside in your child’s educational journey.
  • Establish a platform for parents to network.

PSG Executive Committee 2020

GESPS PSG Committee 2020 Fun Poster (V7).jpg