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Vice Principals

Mdm Rina Bhasi & Ms Ellen Lim.jpg
Every child is like a seed waiting for the right conditions to grow to its full potential.  As educators, we have the responsibility to provide the conditions that will meet the needs of each child. The care, guidance and opportunities that we give them will help them grow into young individuals with a strong sense of self, who are grounded on values and face challenges with confidence and resilience.
Mdm Rina d/o Bhasi
Every child is inquisitive and wants to learn.  We need to provide them with the best resources and a conducive environment to ensure that they enjoy learning, both in and out of the classroom.  Only when the joy of learning is ignited will our children develop curiosity, purposefulness and take ownership of their own learning.
Miss Ellen Lim

Left:    Mdm Rina Bhasi (Vice Principal)
Right: Ms Ellen Lim (Vice Principal - Admin)