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Vice Principals

For the right learning to take place, I believe the school must be a happy place so that students are happy to come every day. They must feel valued, not insignificant; cared for, not despised; and safe, not intimidated. Indeed, the principles of respect and love are so key that teachers play an important role to support the students in the learning process. It is encouraging to see our teachers talk to the students often, understand their needs and concerns, and provide the necessary push and support to help them taste success. If we only define success in academic terms, not every child will get to taste success. But if we give them exposure and opportunities, every student has something to look forward to, and each child can discover something he or she can excel in. The school's broad-based curriculum exposes our students to many learning opportunities which allow them to explore and try new things. I believe that it is important for students to cultivate a love for learning, and to apply the learning to the good of others. The road to application of learning is far and wide. A student may not seem to be applying his or her learning within his or her six years in the school, but one day, after he or she has left us, he or she may do something to benefit others. That is our encouragement as educators. 
Mr Richard Chia
Every child is inquisitive and wants to learn.  We need to provide them with the best resources and a conducive environment to ensure that they enjoy learning, both in and out of the classroom. Only when the joy of learning is ignited will our children develop curiosity, purposefulness and take ownership of their own learning.
Miss Ellen Lim
Ellen  Richard.jpeg

Left: Ms Ellen Lim (Vice-Principal Admin)
Right: Mr Richard Chia (Vice-Principal)