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Aesthetics Learning for the students is framed according to the 4E Approach – Exposure, Experience, Enrichment and Excellence. Aesthetics in our school includes  Visual Arts (Art) and Performing Arts (Music, Choir, Brass Band & Dance)

The Art & Music Education in GESPS is customised according to the needs and interest of the students in accordance to MOE’s Art & Music Syllabus.


Art and Music is brought into the school where students attend Aesthetics-related Assembly Sessions conducted by Art and Music Practitioners. At the same time, our students have opportunities to go out for learning journeys such as Museums-based learning, Art Exhibitions and attend Educational Concerts & Performances.


The key programmes identified aims for students have the opportunities to experience, learn and communicate effectively as a team.

Level Art Music
P1 Gouache Painting
P2 Silkscreen
P3 Rangoli
P4 Batik Drums
P5 Ceramics Ukulele
P6 Wire Sculpture Ukulele


Aesthetics Appreciation Week is at the end of each semester where students to have the opportunities to display their art work and perform at the school level. These exhibition and performances enriches students’ learning with the varied experience and empowers them to take ownership in their learning.

Level Art
P1 Semester 2
Semester 1
P2 Semester 2
Semester 1
P3 Semester 2
Semester 2
P4 Semester 1
Semester 2
P5 Semester 1
Semester 2
P6 Semester 1
Semester 1 


To achieve excellence in Aesthetics, students are talent-managed and given opportunities to develop further in their learning. The opportunities are listed in the table below.

Art & Music 
P1 & P2
CCA Allocation
P3 & P4
Display and Performance at and/or beyond school level
P5 & P6
Display & Performance at and/or beyond school level Direct-school Admission

Art-2-1-300x225.jpg Music-1-1-300x225.jpg
Music-2-300x225.jpg Music-3-300x225.jpg