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Our Math programmes focus on fostering a love in the learning of mathematics. The mathematics curriculum is conceptualised with the core aim of enabling children to develop their ability in mathematical problem solving in a wide range of situations, including non-routine, open-ended and real-world problems.

Equipping Our Students with Rigorous Learning Experiences

  • Teaching and Learning Approach for Mathematics

To help our students build a strong foundation in mathematics, our lessons are planned in a structured teaching sequence.

Our students will go through 3 phases of learning during a mathematics lesson, i.e. readiness, engagement and mastery phases.

During the Readiness phase, teachers conduct diagnostic tests or activities to check on students’ prior knowledge so that they can customise lessons to the correct learning of the students.

In the Engagement stage, different pedagogical approaches are used to engage students in learning new concepts and skills. They are mainly hands-on activities and collaborative learning activities. Students are encouraged to communicate and articulate ideas.

Mathematical concepts are taught using the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach. When using the CPA approach, teachers provide students with opportunities in class to engage in hands-on activities using concrete materials and manipulatives to help them to make sense of the concepts they are learning. Pictures showing the visual representations of the concrete manipulatives are then introduced to help students visualise the mathematical concepts. Finally, algorithms and symbols are used to represent the concepts in numerical operations. This CPA approach benefits all students as it slowly builds on students’ understanding of mathematical concepts in a progressive manner.

In the Mastery stage, learning is reinforced through pen and paper practices, games, math journal and performance tasks.

  • Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) Approach to teaching Mathematics:

Embracing the Environment for Joy of Learning

We believe in creating a conducive learning environment and engaging our students with the right learning experiences to make the learning of mathematics fun and purposeful.

We use the environment as a 3rd Teacher to provide opportunities for children to make their thinking visible and deepen learning and increase engagement.

  • Fun With Math Recess Activities

The activities held during our Fun With Math Recess Activities challenge students to think out of the box and solve challenging problems through puzzles and games. Students play in a safe and supportive environment that facilitates the motivation to learn and fosters their engagement in mathematics


Empowering Our Students To Use Mathematics

We empower our students to use what they have learnt in their lessons through a variety of fun and engaging activities.

  • Integrated learning Trails

Integrated learning trails for each level are conducted to encourage collaborative learning among students and to enable students see how the different subjects can be connected.


  • I Love SEM Week

To excite students to love learning mathematics, be inquisitive and want to explore in-depth mathematical problems and investigative mathematics activities conducted during I Love SEM Week.

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  • External Competitions

To generate greater interest in math and provide an avenue to challenge and stretch students’ minds, students are selected to take part in Math Olympiad, Mathlympics, UNSW (Australian) competitions.