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Aesthetics Department
The Aesthetics Subjects, namely Music & Art, provides opportunities for students to connect, explore and express themselves in and through the Arts.  The syllabuses in the Aesthetics subjects aims to:

    1. Develop awareness and appreciation in the Arts in local and global cultures
    2. Develop ability for creative expression and communication through the Arts
    3. Provide the basis to develop an informed and life-long involvement in the Arts

Music and Art are an integral part of the school curriculum. Aesthetics learning for the students is framed according to the 3E Approach – Exposure, Experience and Excellence.

        1. Exposure – Our Aesthetics programmes across each level, allow students to have the opportunities to experience,
             learn and appreciate the Arts. 

Level Art Music
P1 Modelling Clay
Music & Movement
P2 Collagraph Printmaking
P3 Acrylic Painting
P4 Batik Orff & Angklung
P5 Ceramics Keyboard / Ukulele
P6 Wire Sculpture Keyboard / Ukulele
* Activities are subjected to changes from year to year

        2. Enrichment - Aesthetics Appreciation Week is at the end of each semester, Assembly Programmes, Other Art related
             learning journeys are some of the different ways we enrich our students in Art & Music.

        3. Excellence – The schools uses Aesthetics based CCAs (Art Club, Brass Band, Choir and Dances) to allow students to
             further develop their interest in the Arts.

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