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Educational Technology

Learning Educational Technology @GESPS

The school strives to develop future-ready digital learners as well as nurture our students to become responsible users of technology. To create a technology-enabled learning environment, the Educational Technology (Ed-Tech) Department is responsible for periodic upgrading to enhance the school network and ICT infrastructure. In addition, the department also looks into capacity building of teachers. ICT tools are introduced to teachers through school-wide workshops and sharing. The Ed-Tech representatives also provide subject-specific support to the teachers in the various department so that they can use ICT tools which fit the needs of the subjects and their students.

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Embracing all Students - Curriculum Customisation

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Students are given ample opportunities to use ICT to enhance their learning experiences. Beside the use of computer labs, students can learn anywhere, anytime using mobile carts in the school. One key online platform which students will use throughout their 6 years of education in GESPS is the Student Learning Space (SLS), where curriculum-aligned resources are available for students to learn independently.

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Fostering the Joy of Learning - Special Programmes

The scbool partners with IMDA for the Primary 6 Code For Fun Programme to teach students the fundamentals of computational thinking as well as basic coding concepts. Conducted as a post PSLE activity, the programme has been well-received by students.Students using ipads for programming 1.jpeg