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Mother Tongue

The Mother Tongue Department@GESPS strives to develop our GESPians into confident individuals who are passionate in learning and are able to communicate effectively in their respective Mother Tongue Languages.

We strongly believe in creating a conducive environment that promotes language learning encompassed with cultural values. The department puts in place programmes to nurture the passion for heritage and culture among our pupils. Through recognition and appreciation of their own cultural identity, a sense of pride is instilled in our GESPians, thus inspiring them to excel in his/her Mother Tongue Language to the best of his/her ability.

Above the standard curriculum, the MT teachers take pride in customising and developing school based curriculum to provide various learning opportunities for our pupils. These approaches not only ignite the passion in MT but also enrich our pupils’ knowledge and propel them to learn beyond classrooms.

2022 MT Achievement

We are pleased to announce that the Tamil Unit in GESPS shared at the Mother Tongue Languages Symposium 2022. The focus of sharing was on the use of gamification to allow students to experience the joy of learning when learning oracy skills.    

More about the sharing could be found in the link below.

2021 MT Achievement

2021 Sorpor Tamil Language National Debate 

2021 Sorpor TL National Debate.jpg


Chinese award 1.jpg Chinese award 2.jpg 

Winners of 2021 Chinese Good Progress Awards

Chinese GPA 1.jpg Chinese GPA 2.jpg Chinese GPA 3.jpg