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Environmental Policy

At Gan Eng Seng Primary School (GESPS), we believe in developing a school culture which aims to cultivate in our staff and students a strong sense of care and responsibility for our environment. The school’s vision and mission serve to guide the school in mapping out our efforts towards environmental protection and conservation of resources among the school community.

As a school, a multi-level and holistic approach is used to map out the learning objectives of the environmental education programme for every level. Learning outcomes for students are seen as a continuum, with new skills and experiences acquired throughout their six years of Primary education. Through these experiential learning opportunities, the students’ character, commitment and leadership qualities are developed.

The Green Movement Committee is responsible for planning, designing, and implementing the different programmes at the various levels. Through their efforts, the school aims to inculcate in our GESPians and the community the desire and passion to care for our living environment by adopting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. In the implementation of these programmes, care is taken to ensure that the values of caring for the environment and conservation of water and energy are clearly communicated.

During Staff Engagement Time (SET), the objectives and approaches of the school’s Environmental Policy and good practices are shared by the SLs with the teachers. Regular communication of environmental messages is also shared through departmental and level meetings. As structures drive behaviour, systems are put in place to further model and anchor environmental protection among our staff. Such systems include practicing double-sided photocopying, recycling of resources across departments, usage of own cutlery during training or staff gathering, usage of resources for school events, printers are set etting printers are set at default for double sided printing.

As part of the staff championing efforts in promoting environmental awareness among the students and stakeholders, annual staff outings are organised to engage all staff in a bonding session while doing their part for the environment.

To instil the importance of environmental protection, students are identified at the class level to be Green Champs from P3 to 6. The Green Champs help to champion the school’s efforts in promoting a clean and green environment among the student body.

As a school, an anti-litter programme is developed to engage students in taking ownership of the areas in the school. P1 to 6 students at GESPS go through a progressive continuum of understanding their role in environmental protection. As part of the school’s anti-litter programme, all students are involved in the drawing up of class Duty Roster to ensure that everyone has a part to play in keeping their classrooms clean.

Primary 1 and 2 students also do their part for the environment by keeping their classrooms clean. Duty rosters are drawn up with guidance from the Form Teachers. Environmental care and concern goes beyond the classrooms to school areas such as canteen and school premises from P3 onwards. Students from Primary 3 to 6 are briefed about their roles and the importance of keeping the school environment clean. From Primary 5 to 6 onwards, the scope of environmental concern is further extended to the community whereby the students interact and share with the community about the importance of caring for the environment. P6 Recycling Drive conducted by students and teachers at Redhill neighbourhood is one such example. Through this processes, students become more aware of caring for the environment.

Assembly Talks on Environmental Issues are conducted by members from the Green Committee to further anchor the message of a ‘Green School’. Yearly commemoration of the Earth Day in April where bustling activities are planned for students at all levels. During these activities, competitions are carried out by the Green Champs. These competitions serve as platforms to increase the students’ awareness about environmental protection and conservation.

As a school, we believe that parents’ role is crucial in educating our students as well. As such, we engage our parents in promoting environmental education at the school level. This is done through partnership with them in working with the students and teachers such as involving parents to contribute to the school’s green efforts through their contribution of items (recycling) for the Jumble Sale at the Learning Fiesta and Food from the Heart Food Donation Drive.

Through these structured efforts, the school continues to promote greater awareness of environmental protection among the school and the community.