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Discipline and Partnership & Outreach

Discipline and Partnership & Outreach (DPOD)

In GESPS, we believe in preparing pupils to face the challenges in the future. They are cognitively, affectively and behaviourally engaged and discerning at all times. We seek to build our pupils holistically in our DPOD department through a slew of programmes that ultimately mould our pupils into engaged learner, confident individual, responsible citizen and successful contributors.

We nurture our pupils through various programmes and learning journeys where CCE and SEL competencies are integrated to inculcate school’s core beliefs.

Conceptually, student engagement involves both student‘s behaviour at school and their psychological or emotional attachment to school. It refers not only to the events taking place within the classroom but also to those that occur outside the classroom.

Our school is central to the daily holistic development of our pupils’ life. They view schooling as essential to their long-term well-being, and this attitude is reflected in their participation in academic and non-academic pursuits.