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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department

The school recognises the significance of developing 21st century competencies in the students and nurturing them to become responsible users of technology. To ensure that ICT positively impacts the teaching and learning process, the school is guided by MOE IT Masterplans. The ICT department carries out the Masterplans by providing essential support for teachers to capitalise on the affordances of technology to design, create and enact ICT-enriched lessons. It leverages the following 3 key factors to achieve the above objective.

1. Build Teacher Capacity – Teachers are introduced to ICT tools and pedagogies through professional development workshops and sharing. With this support, teachers are able to build their capacity to design and carry out engaging ICT-enriched lessons in the classrooms

Picture-1.png Picture-2.png
Developing teachers’ competency in using ICT for teaching and learning

2. Create Opportunities for Students to use ICT – Students are given ample opportunities to use ICT to enhance their learning experiences. With the Learning Management System (MCOnline) and Student Learning Space (SLS), the school will be able to better create and provide meaningful learning opportunities for the students to experience ICT.

Student Learning Space (https://vle.learning.moe.edu.sg

The SLS is an online platform with tools and curriculum-aligned resources for all students to learn anytime, anywhere. With the SLS, students can take greater ownership of their learning and pick up skills and habits that prepare them for lifelong learning. Teachers will use the SLS to complement classroom teaching and learning through designing meaningful lessons for our GESPians.

3. Maintain a Reliable ICT Infrastructure – A reliable and updated infrastructure in school is necessary to create and sustain learning anytime, anywhere. The school is going through an upgrading to enhance the school network and ICT infrastructure to better cater for mobile larning in the school.

Mobile-learning-inside-and-outside-the-classroom_1.png Mobile-learning-inside-and-outside-the-classroom_2-2-300x284.png
Mobile Learning Inside And Outside The Classroom

To better inculcate 21st century learners with the right values on and offline, the school put together a cyberwellness program that advocates students to exhibit positive behavior when using ICT. Students are taught and reminded of the cyberwellness messages during ICT programmes and lessons.

Cyberwellness Week 2019