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CCE Curriculum

In GESPS, we are guided by three principles when inculcating values and building competencies in our students. There are

1) Every Teacher A CCE Teacher

  • Every teacher, a role model who upholds sound values
  • Every teacher, a supportive adult who instills values in our students
  • Every teacher, a trusted educator who builds strong teacher-student relationships

2) Engaging students through the Head, Hands, Heart approach

  • We want to touch the HEARTS of students through equipping them with HEAD knowledge and providing them with opportunities to use their ‘HANDS’ to demonstrate social-emotional competencies and internalize values

3) Parents, as partners in education

  • Parents play a vital role in the education of their children
  • Children learn best when there is home-school partnership

The Spiraling Curriculum

Based on Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, the CCE lessons and activities spiral outwards through the gradual enlargement of the environment which a student interacts in during his 6 years in the school.


Our Programmes & Activities

We have designed programmes and activities for all levels. Some of the activities include Values-in-Action and career guidance activities as well as learning journeys and assembly talks.

Termly character trait recess activities
Our-Prog-Activities-2.png Our-Prog-Activities-1.png
VIA activities for all levels
VIA-Activities-1-1.png VIA-Activities-2.png
NE Learning Journeys
NE-LJ-1.png NE-LJ-2.png
Career Guidance Activities
CG-Activities-1.png CG-Activities-2.png
Cyberwellness Week 2019
CW Week_1.png CW Week_2.png
To better inculcate 21st century learners with the right values on and offline, the school put together a cyberwellness program that advocates students to exhibit positive behavior when using ICT. Students are taught and reminded of the cyberwellness messages during ICT programmes and lessons.