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Student Leadership

Overview of Student Leadership in GESPS

Student Leadership in GESPS adopts the Learn-Lead-Lift (L3) approach.

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Under the ‘Learn’ stage, all students would be given opportunities to learn to be leaders either during FTGP lessons or through cohort training for the Primary 4 and 5 students. At this stage, students will also be given opportunities to be in class-based leadership positions and they include monitors, assistant monitors as well as group leaders.

The ‘Lead’ stage will involve selected students being given a bigger leadership role. These roles would include CCE ambassadors and subject representatives who would lead in level-wide events. At the ‘lift’ stage, students will be given school-based leadership positions and they include peer support leaders, CCA leaders and prefects.

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Prefectorial Board

Forming the Executive Committee (EXCO) are the Head Prefect, Vice Head Prefect, Committee Head (Welfare), Committee Head (Sports), Committee Head (AV/ICT) and Committee Head (Discipline) respectively. The organisation chart of prefects is summarised below. 

Prefectorial Board.png 

Each committee has its area of specialisation. Prefect meetings are held monthly to communicate information as well as to conduct trainings so that prefects can carry out their roles effectively. 

A key programme of the Prefectorial Board is the annual Prefect Investiture. It is a ceremony that formally officiates and congratulates the appointments of the prefects. Due to the Covid-19 situation, our Prefect Investiture this year, was held virtually. Here are some photos of Prefect Investiture 2020.

Picture1.jpg Picture2.jpg